Our Services

We provide advice to our clients on commercial contracts and public contracts, concessions, licenses or authorizations and the regulatory regime that may apply to their industry in order to give our clients the possibility of developing their businesses in the most fluid way possible and always taking into account the protection of your interests in a proactive and preventive manner, in order to have access to the most effective mechanisms in case the need arises to resolve a dispute.

Our practice areas

Commercial and Investment Arbitration

Being a highly specialized and internationally standardized area, our firm has the capacity to represent its clients in arbitration proceedings under any regulation and in any jurisdiction.

Protection of foreign investments

We advise our clients on the best way to obtain protections as foreign investors based on international treaties that reduce risk levels.

<h4 class="jkit-banner-title">Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution</h4>

We represent our clients in negotiation and mediation processes for the resolution of commercial or investment disputes.


Representation of our clients directly before the courts of Venezuela. In other jurisdictions, our firm works together with top-level local firms to offer the best advice and representation before national courts.

Public Procurement

We advise our clients from the beginning of their public procurement projects. From the review of the bidding terms and conditions to identify potential requests for clarification, design of strategies to improve the possibility of being awarded with the contract, design of corporate structures allowing a greater efficiency and protection of their interests before the corresponding governmental entity and support during the performance of the contract to maintain the necessary conditions for the eventual defense of its interests in national or international tribunals.

Public Law

We advise our clients on compliance with the regulatory framework of the countries in which they carry out their activities.

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